How it all started....

Mama Kat and her son, Michael, arrived from Los Angeles in 1993 and began serving customers in San Marcos as a waitress and busboy. With the help of San Marcos' small town spirit, these two got used to their new hometown and workplace with ease. So, in 1994 when the opportunity to buy the restaurant (once known as "Grandpa Allen's") arose, Kat "pounced" at the opportunity, and so the Mama Kat's story begins.

Guided by 30 years of experience working for popular pie shops and small cafes, Kat's fondness for people and the restaurant business is evident to all who pass through the doors at Mama Kat's. Her radiant personality brings smiles to people's faces and witty conversations to their tables. A while "Mama's Boy" Michael watches in awe by her side.

Raised at the counter of a restaurant, with crayons and placemats to keep him busy, Michael also developed a fascination for all facets of the restaurant business. As an observer, he began to enjoy the passion and character that come with each customer, server, or cook that pushed through the swinging door of a restaurant. Naturally, he began to work his way through the family business. His passion for comfort food and the people it attracts have certainly fueled this young man's drive for great food, on point service and providing an energetic atmosphere.

So, come on down and experience their life's work and taste their dedication to perfecting comfort food. Why don't you see if you can pick Michael or Kat out of the crowd? We're betting you'll be able to see the way they strive to please and you'll know just who they are!

Fast forward to the present...

Here at Mama Kat's, we believe comfort food is a way to bring together family and friends. Our goal is to provide you not only the freshest, but the highest quality food possible. We spend countless hours in our kitchen refining and creating the best recipe possible for everything we serve. Due to our uncompromising standards, your food is made the old fashioned way...with quality ingredients and all the time and energy needed to provide the good food that Mama Kat's is known for. Please forgive us, we could find faster ways to make your food, but quality is our standard, not speed.

Please enjoy your meal and do try one of our signature dishes: like our homemade cream sausage gravy, you won't find anything like it around! Or maybe our world class Hollandaise sauce on one of our Benedicts. Drop by for lunch and order a delicious, juicy burgers. They're made from fresh ground beef with any toppings you'd like. A sandwich with our freshly roasted turkey, roast beef, or corned beefs are always a hit. Yes, we actually roast them here at Mama Kat's! Just remember to save room for a slice of our freshly baked, delectable Pies!

Enough about us..we'll let the food & service do the talking. Remember to always enjoy your experience here. After all...that's what makes any Mama happy :)

Love -Mama Kat